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A Characterization of the Bases of Line-splitting Matroids; H. Azanchiler
A Double-Sequence Random Iteration Process for Random Fixed Points of Contractive Type Random Operators; Ghulam Mustafa
A New Subclass of Quasi-convex Functions with Respect to k-Symmetric Points; Zhi-Gang Wang
A Note On Generalized Gorenstein Dimension; Wei Jiaqun
A Survey of Nambu-Poisson Geometry; N. Nakanishi
A functional expression for the curvature of hyper-dimensional Riemannian spaces; Branko Saric
A geometric study of many body systems; Eldar Straume
A note on Krull dimension of skew polynomial rings; V. K. Bhat
A note on minimal and maximal ideals of ordered semigroups; M. Arslanov, Niovi Kehayopulu
A note on pseudocongruences in semigroupsa; Niovi Kehayopulu, M. Tsingelis
A note on semi-pseudoorders in semigroups; Niovi Kehayopulu, Michael Tsingelis
A note on the rate of complete convergence for maximus of partial sums for moving average processes in Rademacher type Banach spaces; Pingyan Chen, Tien-Chung Hu, Andrei Volodin
A note on the rate of complete convergence for weighted sums of arrays of Banach space valued random elements; Andrei Volodin, R. Giuliano Antonini, T.-C. Hu
A simulation of traffic equilibration multi-path routing in ad hoc networks; Kai Lieska, Visa-Matti Jokela, Erkki Laitinen
Absolutely convergent dirichlet series and analytic continuation of its sum; Yu. F. Korobeinik
Algebraic Properties of Refinable Sets; Bin Wu
Almost periodic solutions for some multivalued differential equations in Banach spaces; B. Marzouki
Almost product structures and Monge-Ampere Equations; Alexei Kushner
An analog of the Vaisman-Molino cohomology for manifolds modelled on some types of modules over Weil algebras and its application; Vadim V. Shurygin, Larisa B. Smolyakova
Application of matrix polynomials to investigation of singular equations; M. V. Bulatov
Associativity constraints, braidings and quantizations of modules with grading and action; H. L. Huru
Atoms in the structure of degrees of automata transformations and their monadic theories; V.R. Bairasheva
Bilateral Isoperimetric Inequalities for Boundary Moments of Plane Domains; F.G. Avhadiev, R.G.Salahutdinov
Boundedness for Multilinear Commutator of Littlewood-Paley Operator on Hardy and Herz-Hardy Spaces; Changhong Wu, Lanzhe Liu
Boundedness for commutators of Littlewood-Paley operators on some Hardy spaces; L. Lanzhe
Certain Subclasses of Close-to-Convex and Quasi-Convex Functions with respect to k-symmetric points; Zhi-Gang Wang
Characterization of ultra separation axioms via (1,2)α-kernel; R.RajaRajeswari, M.Lellis Thivagar, S.Athisaya Ponmani
Classification of homogeneous submanifolds in homogeneous spaces; B. Doubrov and B. Komrakov
Cohomological approach to Poisson structures on nonlinear evolution equations; I.S. Krasil'shchik
Cohomology of unitary and sympletic groups; Donald Yau
Combined Relaxation Methods for Variational Inequality Problems over Product Sets; Igor V. Konnov
Complete convergence of weighted sums in Banach spaces and the bootstrap mean; M. O. Cabrera, T.-C. Hu, S. H. Sung, A.I. Volodin
Concave schlicht functions with bounded opening angle at infinity; F.G. Avkhadiev, K.-J. Wirths
Constructing a maximal cofinitary group; Yi Zhang
Contact geometry of hyperbolic Monge--Ampère equations; O.P. Tchij
Continuous and Generalized Solutions of Singular Partial Differential Equations; M. V. Falaleev, N. A. Sidorov
Convergence for step line processes under summation of random indicators and models of market pricing; A. N. Chuprunov, O. V. Rusakov
D-gap functions and descent methods for a class of monotone equilibrium problems; Igor V. Konnov, Olga V. Pinyagina
Decomposition of commutative ordered semigroups into archimedean components; Niovi Kehayopulu, Michael Tsingelis
Degree one cohomology for the Lie algebras of derivations; Serge Skryabin
Developable hypersurfaces and homogeneous spaces in a real projective space; G. Ishikawa
Differential complex associated to closed differential forms of nonconstant rank; Mikhail A. Malakhaltsev
Differential equations with constraints in jet bundles: Lagrangian and Hamiltonian systems; O. Krupkova, P. Volny
Differential-algebraic equations in the theory of invariant manifolds for singular equations; B. Karasözen, I. V. Konopleva, B. V. Loginov
Dynamics of finite-multivalued transformations; Konstantin B. Igudesman
Efficient formula of the colored Kauffman brackets; Fumikazu Nagasato
Einstein--Maxwell equation on four-dimensional homogeneous spaces; B. Komrakov, Jnr.
Ekeland's Principle for Vector-Valued Maps based On the Characterization of Uniform Spaces via Families of generalized quasi-metrics; A. Benbrik, A. Mbarki, S. Lahrech, A. Ouahab
Equivalence of holonomic differential equations; B. Doubrov, B. Komrakov, and T. Morimoto
Errata: Addendum to ``Quantizations of braided derivations. 1. Monoidal catagories'', LJM, vol.XXXIV, and ``Quantizations of braided derivations. 2.~Graded modules, 3.~Modules with action by a group'', LJM, vol.XXXV; H. L. Huru
Estimating error bounds of Bajaj's solid models and their control hexahedral meshes; Ghulam Mustafa, Sadiq Hashmi, K. P. Akhtar
Existence Theorems for Commutative Diagrams; V. Rechnoi
Extension of Line-splitting Operation from Graphs to Binary Matroids; H. Azanchiler
Finite Dimensional Dynamics for Kolmogorov-Petrovsky-Piskunov Equation; Boris Kruglikov, Olga Lychagina
Fuzzy Ideals Extenstions of Ordered Semigroups; Xiang-Yun Xie, Feng Yan
Fuzzy interior ideals in ordered semigroups; Niovi Kehayopulu, Michael Tsingelis
Generalized Solutions of Volterra Integral Equations of the First Kind; M. V. Falaleev, N. A. Sidorov, D. N. Sidorov
Geodesic monotone vector fields; S.Z. Nemeth
Graded nilpotent Lie algebras in low dimensions; Olga Kuzmich
Group structure in finite coverings of compact solenoidal groups; S. A. Grigorian, R. N. Gumerov, A. V. Kazantsev
Hardy type inequalities in higher dimensions with explicit estimate of constants; F. G. Avkhadiev
Homogeneous Einstein metrics on flag manifolds; Y. Sakane
Hypersurface geometry and Hamiltonian systems of hydrodynamic type; R. Miyaoka
Identification of nonlinear coefficient in a transport equation; Alexander Lapin, Serguei Lapin
In memory of Boris Nikitovich Shapukov (15.02.1937 - 13.02.2007);
Index Vector-Function and Minimal Cycles; A. V. Lapteva, E. I. Yakovlev
Infinite dimensional extension of A.P. CalderÒn's theorem on positive semidefinite biquadraric forms; B. Aqzzouz, M. Kadiri
Intermediate inversion formulas in integral geometry; M. Graev
Interpolation Spaces with Function Parameter and Measures of Non-Compactness; Eduardo Brandani da Silva, Dicesar L. Fernandez
Introduction to noncommutative differential geometry; H. Omori
Invariant projectively flat connections and its applications; Akira Mizuhara, Hirohiko Shima
Kinematic geometry of triangles and the study of the three-body problem; Wu-Yi Hsiang, Eldar Straume
L1-convergence of modified complex trigonometric sums; S. S. Bhatia, Kulwinder Kaur, Babu Ram
Lacunary self-similar fractal sets and intersection of Cantor sets; Konstantin B. Igudesman
Large Splitting iterative methods and parallel solution of variational inequalities; E. Laitinen, A.V. Lapin, J.Pieskä
Lebesgue constant estimation in multidimensional Sobolev space; A. I. Fedotov
Liftings of linear vector fields to product preserving gauge bundle functors on vector bundles; Miroslav Kureš, Wodzimierz M. Mikulski
Limiting Behaviour of Moving Average Processes Based on a Sequence of ρ- Mixing and Negatively Associated Random Variables; Kamon Budsaba, Pingyan Chen, Andrei Volodin
Linear ODEs and D-modules, solving and decomposing equations using symmetry methods.; Cathrine V. Jensen
Linear multiplicative functionals of algebras of S-analytic functions on groups; S. Grigoryan, T. Tonev
Logics that are generated by idempotents; Frantisek Katrnoska
Lower bounds for summability matrices on weighted sequence spaces; D. Foroutannia, R. Lashkaripour
L∞-error estimate for a discrete two-sided obstacle problem and multilevel projective algorithm; Ying-Jun Jiang, Jin-Ping Zeng
Maximum Entropy Wave functions; Per K. Jakobsen, V.V. Lychagin
Mixed hybrid finite element scheme for Stefan problem with prescribed convection; M. A. Ignatieva, A. V. Lapin
Nambu-Poisson structures and their foliations; Kentaro Mikami
Note on two compatibility criteria: Jacobi-Mayer bracket vs. differential Gröobner basis; Boris Kruglikov
Numerical experiments with with multilevel subdomain decomposition method; E. Laitinen, A. V. Lapin, J. Pieskä
On 3D dynamic control of secondary cooling in continuous casting process; R. Dautov, R. Kadyrov, E. Laitinen, A. Lapin, J. Pieskä, V. Toivonen
On Hardy Type Inequality with Non-isotropic Kernels; Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya, Huseyin Yildirim
On Hausdorff intrinsic metric; E.N.Sosov
On Subclasses of Close-to-Convex and Quasi-Convex Functions with Respect to 2k-Symmetric Conjugate Points; Zhi-Gang Wang, Da-Zhao Chen
On a Partial Differential Equation in 4-dimensional Euclidean Space; Ye. A. Utkina
On a class of non linear differential operators of first order with singular point; Mohammed Benalili
On a covering group theorem and its applications; S. A. Grigorian, R. N. Gumerov
On a problem of Avhadiev; Alexander Kuznetsov
On a problem of Polya and Szego; A. V. Kazantsev
On classification of complex analytic supermanifolds; A.L. Onishchik
On closed inverse images of base-paracompact spaces; Ying Ge
On contact equivalence of holomorphic Monge-Ampère equations.; D.V. Tunitsky
On convergence of the polynomial collocation method for singular integral equations and periodic pseudodifferential equations; A. I. Fedotov
On decomposable Monge-Ampère equations; Y. Machida, T. Morimoto
On existence and uniqueness of Chebyshev center of bounded set in a special geodesic space; E.N.Sosov
On formal series and infinite products over Lie algebras; D.P. Zhelobenko
On geometrical properties of free boundaries in the Hele-Shaw flows moving boundary problem; Yu. E. Hohlov, D. V. Prokhorov
On harmonic univalent functions defined by a generalized Ruscheweyh derivatives operator; Maslina Darus, K .Al Shaqsi
On innerness of derivations on S(H); A. L. Barrenechea, C. C. Pena
On ordered left groups; Niovi Kehayopulu, Michael Tsingelis
On recurrence property of Riesz-Raikov sums; K. Fukuyama, R. Kondo
On regularity of stationary solutions to the Navier-Stokes equation in 3-D torus; Oleg Zubelevich
On some generalisations of constant mean curvature surfaces; A. Fujioka, J. Inoguchi
On the Asymptotic Probability for the Deviations of Dependent Bootstrap Means from the Sample Mean; S. Ejaz Ahmed, Deli Li, Andrew Rosalsky, Andrei Volodin
On the Brauer Monoid of S3; Abdulla Aljouiee
On the Eta Invariant, Stable Positive Scalar, Curvature, and Higher A-Genera; M.A.Bousaidi
On the abstract theorem of Picard; M. I. Karahanyan
On the coefficient multipliers theorem of Hardy and Littlewood; Farit G. Avkhadievi, K.-J. Wirths
On the cyclic subgroup separability of free products of two groups with amalgamated subgroup; E. Sokolov
On the existence of means on solenoids; R. N. Gumerov
On the higher order geometry of Weil bundles over smooth manifolds and over parameter-dependent manifolds; G. N. Bushueva, V. V. Shurygin
On the parallel domain decomposition algorithms for time-dependent problems; A.Lapin, J.Pieskä
On the smoothness of solutions of linear-quadratic regulator for degenerate diffusions; Md. Azizul Baten
On the variety of 3-dimensional Lie algebras; Y. Agaoka
On Φ-recurrent generalized (k, μ)-contact metric manifolds; K. K. Baishya, S. Eyasmin, A. A. Shaikh
Operator valued probability theory; Per K. Jakobsen, Valentin V. Lychagin
Order-types of models of arithmetic and a connection with arithmetic saturation; Andrey Bovykin
Partial measures; O. E. Tikhonov
Pathological Functions on Puiseux Series Ordered Fields and Others; J. S. Eivazloo, M. Moniri
Point derivations on algebraic extension of Banach algebra; B. T. Batikyan
Poisson structures on Weil bundles; Vadim V. Shurygin, junior
Positive Solutions for a Singular Second Order Ordinary Differential Equation; W. S. Zhou, S. F. Cai
Positive projections as generators of J-projections of type (B); Matvejchuk M. S., Ionova A. M.
Product preserving bundle functors on multifibered and multifoliate manifolds; Vadim V. Shurygin, jr.
Quantizations in a category of relations; Per K. Jakobsen, Valentin V. Lychagin
Quantizations of braided derivations. 2. Graded modules; H. L. Huru
Quantizations of braided derivations. 3. Modules with action by a group.; H. L. Huru
Quantizations of braided derivations. 1. Monoidal categories; H. L. Huru
Quivers, vector bundles and coverings of smooth curves; E. Ballico
Representations of pseudo-unitary groups associated with a cone; V. F. Molchanov
Riemannian structures on higher order frame bundles over riemannian manifolds; J. Kurek, W.M. Mikulski
Schwarzian derivatives of contact diffeomorphisms; H. Sato
Self-similar solutions for a nonlinear degenerate parabolic equation; Changchun Liu
Small digitwise perturbations of a number make it normal to unrelated bases; L. Pushkin
Solutions with subgroup symmetry for singular equations in bifurcation theory; B. V. Loginov, O. V. Makeev
Some Random Coincidence and Random Fixed Point Theorems for Hybrid Contractions; Ghulam Mustafa, Nusrat Anjum Noshi, Abdur Rashid
Some properties of almost r-paracontact manifolds; A.Bucki
Some Properties of Solutions of the Pseudo-parabolic Equation; Liu Changchun
Some remarks about strictly pseudoconvex functions with respect to the Clarke-Rockafellar subdifferential; S. Lahrech, A. Jaddar, A. Ouahab, A. Mbarki
Some remarks on measures on orthogonal rational projections and the rational sphere; D. H. Mushtari
Spaces with a locally countable sn-network; Xun Ge
Spectral properties of the adjoint operator and applications; Mohammed Benalili, Azzedine Lansari
Structure of function algebras on foliated manifolds; Pyotr N. Ivanshin
Submanifolds of an even-dimensional manifold structured by a T-parallel connection; Koji Matsumoto, Adela Mihai, Dorotea Naitza
Sufficient Conditions for elliptic problem of optimal control in R2; A.Addou, S.Lahrech
Sufficient Conditions for elliptic problem of optimal control in Rn in Orlicz Sobolev space; A.Addou, S.Lahrech
Tauberian conditions for L1-convergence of modified complex trigonometric sums; Kulwinder Kaur
The Cauchy integral along Φ-rectifiable curves; B.A. Kats
The Lie derivative and cohomology of G-structures; M.A. Malakhaltsev
The Pseudospectral Method for Thermotropic Primitive Equation and its Error Estimation; Abdur Rashid
The best argument for the parametric continuation of solutions of differential-algebraic equations; V. Alferiev, E. Kuznetsov
The continuity of multiplication for two topologies associated with a semifinite trace on von Neumann algebra; A. M. Bikchentaev
The embedding of an ordered semigroup into an le-semigroup; Niovi Kehayopulu, Michael Tsingelis
The method of normal splines for linear implicit differential equations of second order; V. Gorbunov, A. Gorobetz, V. Sviridov
The order of algebras with nontrivial fixed point subalgebras; Miroslav Kures, David Sehnal
The probability of a successful allocation of ball groups by boxes; F. G. Avkhadiev, A. N. Chuprunov
The structure of smooth mappings over Weil algebras and the category of manifolds over algebras; Vadim V. Shurygin
The total divergence equation; D. Krupka
Uniqueness of Solutions to A Class of Strongly Degenerate Parabolic Equation; Z. Q. Ling, Z. J. Wang
Universal semigroups; Per K. Jakobsen, V.V. Lychagin
Using explicit schemes for control problems in continuous casting process; R. F. Kadyrov, E. Laitinen, A. V. Lapin
Weakly prime and prime fuzzy ideals in ordered semigroups; Niovi Kehayopulu
Weighted trace inequalities of monotonicity; Dinh Trung Hoa, Tikhonov O. E.
Weyl manifold and Quantized connection; A. Yoshioka
q-Bounded Systems: Common Approach to Fisher-Micchelli's and Bernstein-Walsh's Type Problems; M. S. Martirosyan, S.V. Samarchyan