Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics
Volume XXVI

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In Memory of Boris Nikitovich Shapukov

Habib Azanchiler

A Characterization of the Bases of Line-Splitting Matroids

Kamon Budsaba
Pingyan Chen
Andrei Volodin

Limiting Behaviour of Moving Average Processes Based on a Sequence of ρ- Mixing and Negatively Associated Random Variables

Katusi Fukuyama
Ryota Kondo

On recurrence property of Riesz-Raikov sum

Ge Xun

Spaces with a locally countable sn-network

Ghulam Mustafa
Sadiq Hashmi
K. P. Akhtar

Estimating error bounds of Bajaj's solid models and their control hexahedral meshes

Oleg E. Tikhonov
Dinh Trung Hoa

Weighted trace inequalities of monotonicity

Wei Jiaqun

A note on generalized Gorenstein dimension

Zhengqiu Ling
Z. J. Wang

Uniqueness of Solutions to A Class of Strongly Degenerate Parabolic Equation

Marjan S. Matvejchuk
Anna M. Ionova

Positive projections as generators of J-projections of type (B)

Vadim V. Shurygin, jr.

Product preserving bundle functors on multifibered and multifoliate manifolds

Zhi-Gang Wang
Da-Zhao Chen

On Subclasses of Close-to-Convex and Quasi-Convex Functions with Respect to 2k-Symmetric Conjugate Points

H. L. Huru

Errata: Addendum to " Quantizations of braided derivations. 1. Monoidal catagories", LJM, vol.XXXIV, and "Quantizations of braided derivations. 2. Graded modules, 3. Modules with action by a group", LJM, vol.XXXV

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