Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics
Volume XX

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V. Alferiev
E. Kuznetsov

The best argument for the parametric continuation of solutions of differential-algebraic equations

M. V. Bulatov

Application of matrix polynomials to investigation of singular equations

M. V. Falaleev
N. A. Sidorov

Continuous and Generalized Solutions of Singular Partial Differential Equations

M. V. Falaleev
N. A. Sidorov
D. N. Sidorov

Generalized Solutions of Volterra Integral Equations of the First Kind

V. Gorbunov
A. Gorobetz
V. Sviridov

The method of normal splines for linear implicit differential equations of second order

B. Karasozen
I. V. Konopleva
B. V. Loginov

Differential-algebraic equations in the theory of invariant manifolds for singular equations

B. V. Loginov
O. V. Makeev

Solutions with subgroup symmetry for singular equations in bifurcation theory

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