Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics
Volume XVIII

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S. Ejaz Ahmed
Deli Li
Andrew Rosalsky
Andrei I. Volodin

On the Asymptotic Probability for the Deviations of Dependent Bootstrap Means from the Sample Mean

A. L. Barrenechea
C. C. Pena

On innerness of derivations on S(H)

Mohammed Benalili
Azzedine Lansari

Spectral properties of the adjoint operator and applications

Galina N. Bushueva
Vadim V. Shurygin

On the higher order geometry of Weil bundles over smooth manifolds and over parameter-dependent manifolds

Per K. Jakobsen
Valentin V. Lychagin

Universal semigroups

M. I. Karahanyan

On the abstract theorem of Picard

Niovi Kehayopulu
Michael Tsingelis

On ordered left groups

Ghulam Mustafa
Nusrat Anjum Nosh
Abdur Rashid

Hybrid Contractions

E. A. Utkina

On an equation with partial derivations in four-dimensional Euclidean space

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