Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics
Volume XIV

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of the article
of the article

Abdulla Aljouiee

On the Brauer Monoid of S3

A. M. Bikchentaev

The continuity of multiplication for two topologies associated with a semifinite trace on von Neumann algebra

A. I. Fedotov

Lebesgue constant estimation in multidimensional Sobolev space

Ghulam Mustafa

A Double-Sequence Random Iteration Process for Random Fixed Points of Contractive Type Random Operators

Pyotr N. Ivanshin

Structure of function algebras on foliated manifolds

Kai Lieska
Visa-Matti Jokela
Erkki Laitinen

A simulation of traffic equilibration multi-path routing in ad hoc networks

Alexander V. Lapin
Serguei Lapin

Identification of nonlinear coefficient in a transport equation

Serge Skryabin

Degree one cohomology for the Lie algebras of derivations

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